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A swimming pool can be a place for recreation or relaxation. It offers a way to cool off on a hot summer day while basking in sunshine and taking in the fresh air of the outdoors. There are many benefits to owning a pool, but that also comes with a number of additional responsibilities. Maintaining a sparkling clean pool requires time and effort on a regular basis. For many busy homeowners, taking care of a pool can start to feel overwhelming. That is why our team here at North Richland Hills Pool Service strive to provide a full range of pool cleaning and pool repair services to meet the needs of residential and commercial pool owners. Let us assist you with the tedious work of pool maintenance so that you can spend more of your time doing the things you like.

About Us

Our North Richland Hills, TX pool company was established to provide residential and commercial pool owners with reliable and professional pool care at an affordable cost. Timely and consistent pool maintenance is the best way to preserve the cleanliness and condition of any swimming pool. Unfortunately, many people do not have the time to clean their swimming pool regularly, which can lead to several problems including algae growth and bacterial contamination. Our team of expert pool cleaners helps customers take proper care of their pools by providing a comprehensive list of pool care services tailored to make pool maintenance easy and convenient for our customers.

Our Services

There are many facets to proper pool care. From maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of your pool water to ensuring the efficient functioning of your mechanical pool equipment, our professional pool company can help you with any problem or concern related to the upkeep of your residential or commercial swimming pool. We provide assistance with the cleaning and repair of both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as chlorine and saltwater pools. Our experienced pool experts are here to assist residents and businesses with a wide range of pool care needs, including general maintenance and emergency repairs.


Pool Cleaning

While mechanical equipment and chemicals often do most of the work required to keep swimming pools free from algae and bacterial contamination, some additional manual labor is needed to ensure optimal cleanliness and sanitation. From cleaning out skimmers, baskets, and filters on a regular basis to testing the chemical balance of your pool water, maintaining a safe and beautiful pool can demand an extensive amount of time and effort. Our pool care packages will help you stay on top of your pool maintenance.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Our pool cleaners can assist with the cleaning, repair, and replacement of any type of pool filter, including cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth filters. Regular maintenance of your pool filter enables your mechanical equipment to operate more efficiently, and helps to prevent algae growth and bacterial contamination that can lead to cloudy water and unsafe swimming conditions.


Pool Maintenance

Whether you need help you need help with a particularly persistent algae problem or require assistance with pool cleaning on a regular basis, contact us to find out more about the variety of flexible options we provide for residential and commercial pool owners. Our pool company offers comprehensive pool care packages as well as one-time pool cleaning services to assist customers as needed with their pool maintenance.

Pool Algae Removal

Pool algae can cause cloudiness, water discoloration, and staining, as well as promote the growth of harmful bacteria. It is important not to underestimate how rapidly an algae problem can grow over a short span of time. Our expert pool cleaners can help you find a way to eliminate algae from your pool and prevent constant recurrences of algae growth.


Acid Wash

Sparkling blue water can be an inviting sight to see on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, hard water buildups and algae growth can leave behind stains that detract from the beauty of an otherwise clean swimming pool. If you have stains or discoloration on the plaster surface of your pool shell that will not go away with normal cleaning and scrubbing, contact us for assistance. Our company provides professional pool acid washing to help customers get rid of even the most stubborn stains. Restore the appearance of your pool for a more enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.

Pool Equipment Repair

Whether you have a malfunctioning pump or an inefficient filter, problems with any part of your pool’s mechanical system can result in a deterioration of water quality and uncomfortable swimming conditions. We offer timely and professional pool equipment repair services to assist you with the maintenance of your pool pump, filter, heater, and other mechanical components, as well as valves and pipes.


Contact Us For More Information

For your reference, our website provides an overview of a number of the services we offer as well as a brief description of what our services entail, however, if you require more specific information, we encourage you to contact us directly to speak with a member of our team. We are always grateful for your interest and we will be happy to assist you with your inquiries. From pricing to unique requests, we want you to feel free to get in touch with us with any question or concern. We are available to assist you by both telephone and email for your convenience.

Interior Swimming Pool Cleaning. Caucasian Worker Cleaning Ceramic Sides of the Pool.

“I always thought it would cost too much to pay for a pool cleaning service to come take care my pool on a regular basis, however, a coworker recommended North Richland Hills Pool Service to me. I gave them a call and was surprised to find out how affordable their services were. While I’m still not ready to commit to a pool cleaning package, I have been very happy with their thoroughness on the few occasions I have had to call them for assistance!” - Jessica P.

North Richland Hills Pool Service - Acid Wash 1

“It seemed like algae would appear again almost immediately every time I cleaned my pool so I contacted North Richland Hills Pool Service for help. They helped me identify the issue, and suggested that I have my pool acid washed to fully eliminate any traces of algae hiding within the porous surface of my pool shell. Their recommendation worked and I’m relieved I no longer have to worry about swimming in slimy water!” - Kenneth M.

North Richland Hills Pool Service - Pool Algae Removal 1

“North Richland Hills Pool Service is simply the best pool cleaning company around! They have helped us take care of our pool over many years and they are always professional and polite. They do an excellent job and I’m always satisfied with the level of service I receive.” - Lisa C.