Pool Equipment Repair

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Equipment Repair Service

Behind the sparkling, crystal clear water of every swimming pool, there is a whole system of mechanical equipment working to keep the pool clean and free of contaminants. Lack of maintenance can cause your pool equipment to become less efficient or damaged, leading to a deterioration of water quality. It is important to properly care for your pool equipment and address any problems as soon as possible to avoid even more costly repairs down the line. At North Richland Hills Pool Service, we can assist you with the repair of pool pumps, filters, heaters, and more in a timely manner to ensure that your pool remains up and running for your use.

Pool Pump Repair

An inefficient or malfunctioning pool pump can prevent water from being properly filtered, leading to an increase in algae and bacteria in your pool. If you experience frequent issues with the clarity or quality of your pool water, it is essential to check your pool pump and pool filter for potential problems. For those who are unsure where to look or how to spot damage, our pool experts can help you diagnose mechanical issues and provide you professional and affordable pool equipment repairs to restore the function and efficiency of your pool pump and pool filter.

Pool Filter Repair

Several types of filters can be used to remove contaminants from the water of a swimming pool, including the cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. All of these filters require regular cleaning every 1-3 months to operate at maximum efficiency. Neglecting proper maintenance can result in a loss of water quality, as well as put excessive strain on your pool pump. Our pool company offers professional filter cleaning as well as filter repairs and replacements for your convenience.

Pool Heater Repair

Jumping into a swimming pool that is the same temperature as ice water can be painfully unpleasant even on the hottest summer day. Although not a necessity, a pool heater can help to maintain pool water at a comfortable temperature for your enjoyment and allow you to use your pool for a more significant part of the year. We offer pool heater maintenance and repairs to help you ensure that your heater is working correctly and providing your pool with efficient and effective heating. Contact us if you are having difficulties maintaining the temperature of your swimming pool, and we can help you figure out why.

Affordable Swimming Pool Repair Service

North Richland Hills Pool Service offers quality pool care at an affordable cost. While there are naturally additional expenses that will come with owning a pool, it should not have to cost you a fortune to maintain a beautiful and clean swimming pool year after year. Our company strives to deliver a wide range of pool cleaning and pool repair services to help address the needs of our customers and provide them with professional assistance with general pool maintenance as well as specific problems and concerns.


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